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Packing List: Flexibility, Sense of Humor!

It's been almost 10 years since the first 5 Senses® Tour. I got a bit nostalgic looking through the photos so decided to share some of the funny times, "need a good attitude" times and just plain "having a good time" times!

Here are just a few!

Yes, unfortunately, that's me caught crawling under the table to get out of my seat! Not a proud moment! Obviously you can dress me up but can't take me anywhere! Oh wait ... take a look at the comments on the side with Tom doing the crawl as well!

"Ummm, did we lose one of our travelers?" FOUND! Dancing on the beach with no plans of stopping any time soon! I think she found a group she liked better! NO WAY!

And this is what happens when someone forgets their flip flops at the Dead Sea!!! One of our galant men in a white jacket (or robe) comes to the rescue! And yes, that's his wife laughing in the background! And no, they didn't know each other before the trip!

You know the quote, "Man plans and God laughs?" Well, one of our women's groups on the way to Petra got the full affect of that! Flash flood in the desert and roads washed out! Well then ... what's the plan? First, we appreciate that we are stuck at a great rest stop (connected to a kibbutz) that has wine, ice cream, chairs/tables, snacks and shopping. Second, we buy some (ok, a lot) of the wine, snacks, ice cream and make ourselves at home. Third, our tour guide does some bartending tricks to keep us smiling and lastly, we hope that we DON'T have to accept the invitation (as special as it could have been) of the kibbutz members to house us all! A few hours and a few bottles of wine later, the road to Eilat was cleared and we were on the way with lots of cheers! Petra never happened since it was closed on the Jordanian side for 5 days due to the flooding! Pulled out Plan B and off we go!

This is a favorite! Our wonderful 2-time traveler from Ireland trying to figure out the Jewish Girl's guide to guilt! Good luck with that! Wait! Don't Catholics and Jews run head-to-head with the guilt factor? :-)

Vogue! Our guys don't mess around when striking the pose!

All showered and dressed for a show, and the skies opened up. One umbrella that someone happened to have with them - no match for the wind and the rain! One of the ladies, very wisely said, "I learned long ago, if you are going to laugh about something later, you may as well laugh about it now!" Good quote for life in general! Yes, they still laugh at me regarding this event although I prefer to think they are laughing WITH me!

A hurricane in NY the day our travelers take off to come to Israel and this is what happens when you re-route a group to Amsterdam, with an 8 hour layover. That's all I'll say!


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