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About Us

"My passion for Israel runs deep. Sharing it with others is my greatest joy!"

I guess I can be called a native Atlantan (having lived there for more than 30 years), although now I may be better termed a "half-breed" since we now split our time between Israel and Atlanta. A few boring details about me:  I am married to an Israeli and a proud mom of 3 men.  My first visit to Israel was at the age of 16, fell madly in love with the country and have been hooked  every since!  Over the many years, I worked as a group leader for teens traveling to Israel for 6 week periods, spent a semester at Tel Aviv University (many moons ago) and we now call Tel Aviv one of my homes.  5 Senses Tour® was born from a conversation over pasta with old friends that worked in the tour guides and I started telling them about how "I would like to show Israel!"  They looked at me and said "Do it!'  There aren't any tours out there like that!"  And The 5out of a deep desire to show Israel from a local, personalized perspective.  To begin to understand this complex tapestry of a country, I believe seeing Israel through an interfaith perspective is the best way to begin to understand the magic, beauty, passions and (yes) struggles within this tiny place.  Israel holds my heart and it is my honor to be able to share this country in a unique, and personalized way!  


Engage your 5 Senses as you experience the REAL Israel.  


I look forward to traveling with you! 

Wendy Yaniv

t:  424.477.2359  

Wendy Yaniv

Founder - 5 Senses Tour®