Girls Going to Israel: Experience the Magic

Date:  TBD 
(Thanks for your continued patience!  We are working diligently in rescheduling our groups. 
Should you have a group of women ready to "Experience the Magic," we will do our best to try and accommodate your desired travel dates! )

Women Only Trips Israel

Sorry guys!  This women's-only experience will take you from the northern borders of Israel (Golan, Upper Galilee & Lower Galilee) to the southern region of the Negev desert.  While we traverse the country, you will experience all that Israel has to offer (in our limited time) with all 5 of your Senses!  You will meet the varied populations, walk through the cobblestoned streets of history in Jerusalem, experience the majestic nature of the desert, taste the foods and spices from around the world, cook with Chefs, eat in the homes of locals, taste world-class wines! The magic will come to a close in the high-tech, modern, anything goes, city-that-never-sleeps, Tel Aviv! 

  • Travel from the Negev Desert to the northern borders

  • Meet the people, dine with them in their homes

  • Off-the-beaten path jeep tours with magic at the end!

  • Cook with chefs

  • Experience the street food scene and the world-class markets

  • Learn about the various populations that make up this tiny tapestry called Israel

  • And this is just the beginning ...

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