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Is this a religious tour?  This is an interfaith experience.  We visit and experience the major, religious sites; however, this is not a "religious" tour.  I believe that the only way to truly see Israel and understand why this tiny swath of land called Israel takes up so much air time in the news media is to see it through the eyes of ALL Israelis - Jews, Muslims, Christians, Bedouin, Druse, and more.   

What is the size of the tour? Due to the distinct nature of this trip and some of the more "personalized" events, we keep our groups small and intimate (15-25).  These numbers will vary slightly but we are very committed to maintaining the smaller size to be able to have our travelers truly "experience" the country.   

When does registration for the tour close?  When we reach our max number.  Sometimes we will add a person or 2 in an effort to satisfy roommate requests.  Contact us and we'll let you know if there is still space available! 

Will we have a full-time Tour Guide?  Yes, we have a licensed tour guide with us the entire time that will share the history and stories of the places we will visit.        

Do you recommend travel insurance?  Although this is a personal decision, we certainly encourage all of our participants to be fully ensured.  It's peace of mind! The tour operator offers AIG, however, you are welcome to use any other travel insurance you would like.   

What other expenses should we plan for?  The registration form (attached) details what is included and not included.  In addition to spending money, there is an optional show in Jaffa (if they are performing while we will be in Israel) as well as an optional bike ride through Tel Aviv.


Is it safe to travel to Israel? This is probably the most commonly asked question and the biggest shock when our travelers finally arrive.  They always mention how interesting it is that they feel safer in Israel than many of them feel in their own hometown.  Tours are also very connected (behind the scenes) to the security services of the country.  If there are any questionable activities in any area, alerts are sent out and buses are redirected.  I would venture to say that Israel is probably one of the safer countries in the world to travel!



Participants need to be in good shape and in good health.  We spend a lot of time walking.  You also need to consider the weather - it can be very warm.  Due to the fact that we are traveling in a country with thousands of years of history, there is a lot of uneven pavement, cobblestone streets, and hilly in various areas. 



We follow the guidelines issued by Israel.  At this time there are no longer requirements to show vaccine cards or covid testing.  We do travel in buses that are far larger than needed to allow for any distancing (and comfort) for our travelers.



Please contact us regarding requests for private groups.


Other Links / Resources: Weather Forecast in Israel Exchange Rate from US Dollar to Israeli Shekel

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