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Photo:  Memorial Day in Israel - the country stands still!  Within 24 hours it is celebrating Independence Day!  

Experience Israel .... from the inside out!  

Did you know that Israel is the only country in the world created for the specific purpose to protect a people?  

The soul of this country is the pride and pain that comes from this understanding that "there is no place else!" 


Join us for a one-time experience to "meet" the many facets of Israel - from its people, culture, and food, to its most private and personal moments. 


Experience the Soul of Israel with all 5 of your Senses! 

Meet the many faces of Israelis, taste their foods, and enjoy the myriad of cultures that contribute to this tiny country's rich, colorful tapestry.  The magic will come to a peak (and a halt ) as we experience the harsh reality of Memorial Day in Israel.  An experience not soon forgotten.  We will then witness the reality of Israel ... the 24-hour change from mourning to celebration and pride, as we join in the excitement of Independence Day in Israel!   


Welcome to the beautiful and complicated Soul of Israel! 

Optional Add-On:

Petra/Wadi Rum

"Experience the Soul of Israel "
For more information

One-time offering ..."Experience the Soul of Israel"

Israel / Petra 

TBD 2025 

(Please note:  This experience is not geared toward 1st-time travelers or if you have not been to Israel in the last 10 years) 

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