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It melts my heart every time ... oh, and some FAQs!

A little view to wish you a great weekend ...

No matter how many times I see it, I admit it ... I'm a sucker for sunsets!

The sunset at the ancient port of Jaffa ... it's just beautiful! Add to that, the vibe of Friday in Israel; coffee shops are overflowing, people are relaxing on the beach, and the hum of people doing their last bit of shopping before the Sabbath begins.

Just a little bit of magic that never gets old!

Sunset: Jaffa Port

On another note ... Girls Going to Israel, Oct 2024 is booking!

See FAQs below

  • Is the early registration discount still available? Yes, we are offering the discount through November 1st

  • Is the Oct 2024 group women's only or co-ed? As of now, we have only women signed up for it so it looks like this one may become a "Girls Going to Israel"

  • When is the next co-ed group? Again, depending on the number of travelers we have, we try to be flexible and offer people to travel on the dates that are most convenient. Currently, we have a core of travelers interested in Spring of 2025 that will certainly be co-ed but ALL are welcome.

  • Is this a religious tour? While our tours are NOT religious, they are interfaith. I believe that to truly experience Israel's beauty and complexity, the major religious sites must be included and seen with your own eyes. We also delve into the secular world of Israel, its ancient history as well as its modern history.

  • How active is this tour? This is not a hiking trip; however, we do a lot of walking and exploring. Jerusalem, especially, is a city to explore on foot so it is an entire day. Having said that, we do our best to make accommodations and allow people to rest as much as possible. Please reach out to us, directly, if you have concerns.

  • What is the average age? This is an adult-only experience. Generally, the ages range between 45 - 70 but we have had 3 generations together ... as long as the youngest is an adult. It's all about the attitude vs the age!

  • Do you have free time built in? There is generally free time for shopping, and meeting friends/family in the main cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Evenings are generally free to wander and enjoy the cities, restaurants, etc

  • Single vs Double Occupancy: Our groups are priced according to double occupancy per room. Should someone prefer to have their own room, the cost of the room is the same, but simply paid by one person. Many of our solo travelers prefer the single room. However, when we do have requests for roommates we do our best to accommodate, although we cannot guarantee it.

  • Do you recommend arriving the day before the tour begins? Yes, we do. We try and begin our tours in the morning (or as early as possible). So much to see and so little time :-). We are happy to book an additional night at the same hotel that you will be staying at for the trip. As time gets closer, we will take care of the details.

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