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The View, The Food and TRAVEL TALK!

SNOWY GOLAN HEIGHTS: Always love a beautiful sunset and especially on the snow covered mountains of Mt Hermon! Israel is in a desert but the winter landscape is a whole different story!

ISRAELI CHEF WINS MICHELIN STAR AND MANY OF OUR TRAVELERS HAVE EXPERIENCED HIS CULINARY MAGIC! Many of you that have traveled with us have enjoyed the experience of dining at the fun-filled restaurant in Jerusalem, Machneyuda! This is just one of Assaf Granith's many restaurants in Israel. He now has added a Michelin Star to his accomplishments with the opening of his latest restaurant in Paris. Although it closed, due to the pandemic, it is slated to reopen in April! Kudos to our Israeli- born chef! Of course, always an experience for our travelers to enjoy one of his restaurants while traveling with us!


When can we go? What will be required? How will they run?, etc.

As of today, based on Israeli's policies, vaccine, etc. this is what we have planned:

  • What tours are being offered and when? At this point, we are working with private groups for travel in Oct / Nov 2021. We do have quite a few scheduled already. If you have a group of travelers, please contact us as we are looking at a busy late 2021 season (we hope!). We are working on our 2022 calendar with our "Experience the Magic," "Experience Israeli's Culinary Treasures," and many private groups. Let us know which one you want to join!


  • Israel is hoping to have the bulk of the country vaccinated by March.

  • The Ministry of Tourism has issued strict guidelines regarding entry, required insurances in case of quarantine, illness, etc as well as where and how the groups will travel.

  • There will be proof required (as of now) to show that you have received a completed vaccine or antibody test proof. Of course, this is an ever-evolving situation so things can change.


Our policy for return to travel remains the same. We will resume The 5 Senses Tour® experiences (private groups and open groups) when we are certain that we can provide our travelers with the "best small group experience" that we have become known for. That means safe access to all sites, experiences and communities throughout the country. As of now, we see that during the later part of 2021. As always, we will keep you updated!

Stay warm, healthy and well!

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