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If we can make the desert bloom ... anything is possible!

A beautiful piece written by Marwan Moheyeldien, a Muslim Iranian. Originally written in Farsi, this is his wish to Jews and Palestinians worldwide for Passover.

Wishing a meaningful Passover to all of our Jewish followers!

As we welcome the Passover season, a time of liberation and reflection, I express my heartfelt wishes to all Jewish people around the world for a blessed and meaningful celebration. May this period not only commemorate past freedoms but also lay the foundation for future peace and unity.

In a spirit of hope and reconciliation, I sincerely pray for the speedy and safe return of all hostages and for the restoration of stability and harmony in the Middle East. May this time be a turning point towards lasting peace and mutual respect among all its inhabitants.

To the Palestinian people, who are living in difficult circumstances, I wish comfort and strength to overcome the challenges facing you. It is important to recognize the obstacles to peace and prosperity, especially the influence of groups with negative agendas, such as Hamas. It is within the framework of unity and mutual understanding that a brighter future — a future in which people's well-being comes first, can be forged.

The yearning for peace, security and prosperity is a common thread that binds us all, regardless of nationality or background. I have met countless individuals, Jews and Palestinians alike, who share this universal desire for peaceful living and the opportunity to thrive.

Today, I sincerely hope that one hundred Palestinians will wish the Jewish community a blessed Passover, and that a hundred Jews will wish the safe return of the Palestinian people to their homes in Gaza. This gesture of mutual respect and understanding can be a beacon of light towards bridging the gaps.

May this call for solidarity inspire us all to look beyond our differences and work collaboratively towards a peaceful and prosperous future for all in the region. Let us support each other in these endeavors, because through unity and shared visions we can overcome obstacles and build a better tomorrow for future generations.

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