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Israeli Bedouins, Christians, Muslims & Druse together in the most unlikely of places!

Being surprised and learning something new is why we travel!

Meet some unlikely military buddies ... the people behind the uniforms!

14 Jews and 14 Christians attend pre-military preparatory course together

Until recently, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) was made up of Israeli Jews, Druze and Circassians. Yes, Israelis are Jews, Druse, Muslims, Christians ....

Back to the subject ... while Israeli Druze are required to serve in the army and honor this duty, Israeli Arabs (Muslim and Christians) are not required to serve. However, increasing numbers are choosing to volunteer and a retired Lieutenant recently decided it was time for the growing number of young Israeli Christians to become part of the IDF.

Today, meet the first Israeli Arab Bedouin Commander of Unit 585 ...

“I’m here to provide security, to protect every civilian,” said Lt.-Col. Nader Eyada, the commander of the IDF’s Unit 585, which is composed of Bedouin Muslims and Arab Christians. "We know the land like the back of our hand,” said Eyada. “We live the land, we know the land, and we are here to protect the civilians of the land.”

“Their home environments are sometimes against the Israeli military and [they] throw them out because of their choice to serve,” Eyada said. “There are a lot of soldiers who’ve given up everything, even their families, to serve in the IDF. They are lone soldiers in every sense of the meaning and we help them and when they finish their service to continue on as combat noncommissioned officers and become career officers.”

Eyada continues, “I like to break barriers and push others. My wife and parents are very supportive. My father still can’t comprehend how far I’ve gotten as a fighter and commander,”

Our 2020 experiences are booking fast ...

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