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  • Writer's pictureWendy Yaniv - Founder / Group Leader

And that's a wrap ... What an amazing 2 weeks it was!

Time flew by way too quickly but it was truly magical! So exciting to be back traveling Israel seeing all of the tourists, hearing the languages from around the world and the excitement of being open for tourism ... finally!

From the food to the fashion to the people to the passions ... we touched it all! An added experience during these 2 weeks were the days of mourning and celebrations in Israel - when life stands still for 2 minutes as air raid sirens sound throughout the country. Honoring the memories of the victims of the Holocaust, our fallen on Memorial Day, and then the abrupt shift to the celebrations of Independence Day! Experiences and memories not soon forgotten.

Enjoy the pictures and cheers to future travels together!

2 spaces have become available for our Sept 3-13 "Experience the Energy"


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