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In case you missed it ... we've got you covered!

(Recording below of Q&A with Professor Jonathan Gershoni)

We did our best to get questions answered but soon realized that we would need a lot more than one hour! Here are just a few of the items he touched on...

  • Why the term "fast-tracking" of the vaccine is a misnomer

  • How much do they really know about the virus? (He's been studying this for 30 years and knows a little something)

  • When did China provide information about the virus ... that was a huge surprise!

Worth an hour to listen to him. The beginning sounds somewhat technical but it gives an understanding of the "life" of a virus, and this virus specifically. After hearing about the vaccine, I am more optimistic about our return date to the skies! Keeping fingers crossed that we can return to the skies 3rd quarter of 2021! AND we'll be adding Dubai to our 5 Senses Tour® experience! Stay tuned ... Have an idea for another zoom, webinar, interview?

Let me know and I'll see if I can make it happen! Wishing you all a Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving ... however you may be celebrating!

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