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I had no idea! What a great law!

SASA Setton provides educational activities for hospitalized children.

Photo taken at the hospital in Nazareth. Credit: (credit: SASA Setton)

What a beautiful and important initiative in pediatric hospitals throughout Israel ... and it's LAW! One of the only countries in the world offering this!

As hospitals are often a microcosm of society, the "free education for sick children law" has Jews, Druze, Christians, and Muslims being educated together in 41 hospitals throughout Israel!

“People are not aware that the State of Israel is dealing with something quite amazing,” said Sonia Gomes de Mesquita, Deputy Chair of SASA Setton, a social-educational organization that promotes education for hospitalized children in Israel, in partnership with the Education Ministry.

Gomes de Mesquita participated in a panel discussion with Robert Singer, chairman of SASA Setton and of Alumot Or, at the “Celebrate the Faces of Israel” conference. The panel was titled “Educating for an Inclusive Future.”

Gomes de Mesquita pointed out that 41 Israeli hospitals provide educational programs to hospitalized children, as part of the state’s “free education for sick children” law. Israel is one of the only countries in the world that has such a law, she explained.

What is SASA Setton?

Established in 2009 by the late Philippe and Hilda Setton, SASA Setton provides excellent educational solutions for some 140,000 hospitalized children annually in 41 general, psychiatric, rehabilitative and nursing hospitals throughout Israel. Since its inception 13 years ago, SASA Setton has helped educate more than two million hospitalized children in Israel.

“Druze, Christian, Arab and Israeli students study together while being treated in the hospital,” Sonia Gomes de Mesquita

The organization, she explained, views hospital schools as a microcosm of Israeli society. Diversity is celebrated, and its educational programming is designed to create bridges between groups. “Druze, Christian, Arab and Israeli students study together while being treated in the hospital,” said Gomes de Mesquita. SASA Setton offers educational programming in Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Ukrainian.

And with that ... wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

Sunset in Tel Aviv, with the spray of the water!

(no such thing as too many sunsets!)


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