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And we're off!

Sorry but I never get tired of this view of the ancient Jaffa port as you walk along the water from the modern, high-tech city of Tel Aviv!

Winter decided to pay a visit over the last week but now the sun is shining and enjoying the blue skies!

Let's start with some art! What does one do with an old hotel that is slated to be demolished? You first give it as a canvas to 50 artists to go and decorate the rooms and stairwells. 30 rooms, 50 artists! GO!

Just a few from top L to R: "The Connection is in the Grey": We speak over one another and don't listen. Life is not black and white but the meaning and connection is in the grey. "Future Factory for a New Heart": What part of your heart needs to be repaired? Tel Aviv is known for its great graffiti artists and they got the stairwells. "The Life of a Butterfly" room

Time to switch it up and head to the streets to take in the vibe, the market, Jaffa, and the gorgeous graffiti. A special scene from one of our travelers putting a note into the Wall in Jerusalem for her granddaughter!


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