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An interesting visitor to Israel!

The son of the Shah of Iran in Israel????

If nothing else, Israel is the land of surprises and juxtapositions on so many levels but, the son of the Shah in Israel?

A beautiful hope for the future?

Certainly a welcomed guest, especially during the very emotional, Holocaust Memorial Day!

Seeing him and his wife as a guest at the ceremonies was exciting ...even for the most cynical of Israelis (and there are plenty of those!)

I am not a politician (for sure!) and not particularly a betting woman but I would say not. While the visit was special and embraced, he lives in Great Falls, VA, and is (obviously) not a friend of the present regime. So while the visit was embraced wholeheartedly... once the photo ops are done, it will be filed as "old news."

HOWEVER, these photos are worth sharing and maybe even hoping ...!!! (Says the eternal optimist!)

In the Holocaust Memorial Museum (Yad Vashem) in the "Hall of Names" @PahlaviReza Haunting visit to @yadvashem . We must #NeverForget the lessons of the Holocaust. Anti-Semitism is evil. It’s not just a Jewish problem. It’s a problem for all humanity. Together with my Iranian compatriots, I condemn the Islamic Republic’s genocidal Jew-hatred and Holocaust denial, and commit to never allow such an unconscionable atrocity to ever happen again.

Visit to the Western Wall


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