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We have seen the RAINBOW!

A rainbow after last weeks' storms taken by a friend in northern Israel!

We have trudged through the "storm" of figuring out how and when to create our next 5 Senses Tour "Experience the Energy" in the midst of crazy crowds. As with everything ... we learn something new about ourselves when faced with a challenge (granted, this was a "fun" challenge!) and I learned that I am quite stubborn and protective of my 5 Senses Tour and what I am willing to bend on and what I say "NO WAY!" Hence, I have opted to move the tour to Feb / March of 2019 and that is our rainbow from the storm. I am very excited! Great weather, we get to see some greenery in the desert and a different "view" than what we usually see in October. Instead of being a barren land after the summer heat, we will witness how Israel makes the desert bloom!

Pricing will be similar to last year and it will be Israel / Petra (private tour)

Send us an email and we will put you on the list.

As always, we keep our groups small - we will be sending out registration in March!

Wishing everyone RAINBOWS after your storms!

Look forward to traveling with you!

Wendy Yaniv

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