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It's Definitely a Vibe!

Let's talk Street Food!

Israelis live outside so the cafe scene and street food scene are simply part of the life and culture. A business meeting? At a cafe. Picking kids up from school (walking distance)? You stop at a cafe or a local street food place on your walk home. Get together with friends? Meet at the local food market to grab some fabulous, freshly made street food. Did I mention that Israelis are also tough customers? There is no mediocre when it comes to food! It better be fresh and fabulous or ... it won't be around for long!

The Produce:

Israel has lived "farm-to-table" long before it came the "in" thing around the world. Because everything is locally grown, they have also been one of the leading AgricTech countries in the world - creating new hybrids of fruits and vegetables. The list is too long of the fruits and veggies developed in Israel, so I'll just let you enjoy a few pics!

The Vegan Scene ....

Did you know that Israel has the most vegans per capita in the world? So here's an interesting tidbit of information. There has been a shortage of butter in Israel as of a few months ago (I don't think anyone really knows why)! Anyway, among other things, Israel is known for it's incredible baked goods ... you smell them everywhere! S what does one do when your business depends on producing the best baked goods around and you have no butter? Same thing Israelis always do ... take it as a challenge and figure out how to make the best vegan desserts without butter or eggs! Voila ... another accolade in the culinary world! Top vegan desserts have been added to the repertoire!

There's so much more ....

Isn't it time you got a REAL taste of the REAL Israel?

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