Experience Israel's Culinary Treasures
October 23-29, 2022 

Culinary Food & Wine Tours

Engage the 5 Senses and go!  While this experience is for anyone, please note that we will not be touring the "must-see" sites as we do with our "Experience the Energy" or "Experience the Magic" tour.  This is for people that may have been to Israel before or even for first-timers that want to experience Israel thought it's world-renowned culinary scene! From Jerusalem to the Golan Heights, Galilee and Tel Aviv, meet, learn from and cook with local chefs and in people's homes.  You will earn about the biblical spices, the varied influences that create such an exciting palate, experience the street-food scene and learn why Israel has one of the most vibrant vegan restaurant scenes in the world!  Come Hungry ... and leave Fulfilled!   

  • Travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to the Golan Heights and Galilee

  • Meet and learn from local chefs:  Israeli Jews, Israeli Muslims, Druze, etc

  • Be welcomed into the homes of locals for additional cooking experiences

  • Learn the palate and spices that make up the amazing palate of the Israeli cuisine

  • Street food, off-the-beaten path food markets ...

  • And the whole VIBE of the food scene!  Have to experience it to believe it!

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