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Happy, beautiful Friday from Israel! Israel Police Set to Get First Hijab-Wearing Muslim Lieutenant

Note: See below for our last available spaces for 2020

Thanks to Ofir Gentelman who first put this out there ... "I always love to share stories about Arab Israelis since their stories are seldom heard in int'l media. Congrats to Master Sgt. Sabreen Saadi, a Hijab wearing muslim police officer, who will soon become a lieutenant with the Israeli police!"

Saadi comes from a traditional Muslim family in a Bedouin town in northern Israel. She told one of the local Israeli newspapers that she had received threats from others in her community over her choice of career path, but said she was not deterred, stating, “I fear only God.” She's breaking the mold on so many levels - kudos Sabreen!!!

Since 2016, when the Israeli government established a special unit aimed at improving policing and security in the country’s Arab communities, more than 600 Arab men and 55 Arab women have enlisted in the Israel Police. Eight new police stations have been established in the Arab sector, with the intention of adding ten more.

Anyone want to join us for a little taste of the REAL Israel?

Brunch this morning on the beach! Don't worry ... we're managing :-)!

(last available spaces for 2020)

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