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Great eye candy and great news!

Tel Aviv

Israel will reopen for tourists as of July 1st and we're booking!

We are looking forward to a very busy 2022 (see schedule below)!

Traveling Israel with The 5 Senses Tour®, offers you a magical opportunity to truly experience the various people, religions, cultures, sites, sounds and tastes of this beautifully complex and tiny country!

The 5 Senses Tour® voted "Best small group, interfaith experience of Israel!"

Come experience the people, places and passions

Don't just dream it .... DO it!

(All of our experiences are interfaith)

"Experience the Energy" - September 3-12, 2022 (Petra optional add-on) - 2 spaces remain

"Experience Israel's Culinary Treasures" - October, 2022 (Petra optional add-on)

"Girls Going to Israel Experience the Magic" - October, 2022 (Petra optional add-on)

Some eye candy for you to enjoy the many places and faces of Israel!

Jerusalem - Holy Land

Jaffa, Israel
Jerusalem, Old City
Tel Aviv
Travel Holy Land, Ein Gedi
Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Holy Land
Jerusalem, Israel


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