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BIG NEWS for tourists to Israel!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I'm pretty excited about this one since I am heading back to Israel in a few weeks!

Until then, I get to take some literary license and share my gorgeous view as I am enjoying some great skiing conditions in Colorado.

I decided to quickly jump into "work" mode to share the good news that just showed up in my inbox! There is light at the end of this LONG, covid tunnel!

The latest is that all Omicronn restrictions that are currently in place will be removed as of March 1st.

  • Tourists will no longer be required to present a negative covid test prior to boarding to Israel.

  • Tourists WILL be required to take a covid test upon landing at the airport in Tel Aviv and remain in your hotel room until you receive a negative result (usually within 2-6hrs)

  • The indoor mask mandate is still in place at this time but there is talk about removing it due to the decline in severe cases.

We will keep you updated and more good news unfolds!

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As always, any questions, ask away!


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