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You Choose!

We're very excited to announce the newest additions to our "Experience Israel" offerings! You've have asked for more experiences and we've responded! Of course, our experiences are small-group and interfaith!

Choose how you would like to travel!

  • Exclusive Experience with NY "Spice King" Chef Lior Sercarz November 9-15, 2019

  • Experience Israel's Culinary Treasures: Oct 7-16, 2020

  • Experience the Energy June 4-13, 2020 / Oct dates TBA

  • Experience the Magic April 21-30, 2020 (private)

For Private Tours, please contact us:

Join Israeli-born Lior Sercarz, "The Spice King", Chef and Owner of La Boite for an Exclusive IsraelI Culinary Tour!

Dates: Nov 9-15, 2019 James Bear Award winners Ana Sortun and Michael Solomonov both credit Sercarz with elevating their dishes. “He’s an explorer” says Eric Ripert of Michelin-starred Le Bernardin. “…he’s articulate, energetic and so inspiring with his ideas on how to use spices.” Highlights

  • Cook with Lior and local chefs, learning the spices, mixtures and all that makes Israel’s culinary scene to special

  • Meet the local vineyard owners … (of course) taste why Israel is “on the map” of the world wine scene

  • Get an insider’s view of the Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Galilee/ Golan's food scene

  • Explore the food markets on a whole different level ... with the best of the best!

  • This experience will be a masterful look into the culinary secrets of the Israeli kitchens

Experience the Energy" Details: Dates: June 4-13, 2020 Highlights

  • Experience Israel with all 5 of your senses ... the history, people, places and passions

  • We will travel from the north to the south

  • Meet the various communities of people that make up the beautifully, complex tapestry of Israel

  • Enjoy cooking workshops and chef's meals

  • You will be welcomed into the homes of locals from varying walks of life

  • Get a bird's-eye view of the geopolitics of the region

  • Experience the majestic beauty of the desert

  • Experience the White City that never sleeps ... Tel Aviv

  • And more ...

"Experience Israel's Culinary Treasures" Details: Dates: Oct 7-16, 2020 Highlights

  • Israel is a food and wine destination ... you will find out why!

  • You will experience the flavors from the varying peoples that have immigrated to Israel

  • You will cook with chefs and be welcomed into their homes

  • You will experience boutique wineries ... world-class wine

  • Learn about and cook with the myriad of spices from around the world that are part of the Israeli cuisine

  • Experience an ethnic street food scene that is ... well ... amazing!

  • You will be treated to special Chef meals with million dollar views

  • And the list goes on


Experience the Magic Dates: April 21-30, 2020 Highlights

  • Traveling with like-minded women that want to learn, share and experience!

  • Travel from the Golan Heights to the Negev desert

  • Get to know about the various types of people that all call Israel "home!"

  • No trip to Israel would be complete without some real foodie experiences!

  • You will be welcomed into peoples' homes, tastes the flavors and hear their stories

  • Winery? Absolutely!

  • And the list goes on

"Don't Just Dream IT ... DO IT!"

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