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Yes! Its' true ...

Tel Aviv made "Time Out's" Best cities in the world at #8!

If you've been there, you know this to be true!

We WILL be back with all of our travelers in 2022!

What makes us great: Tel Avivians are a hardy bunch. When Covid hit tourism, this high-tech hub hit the Reset button. The pandemic caused the city that never stops to take a well-needed pause. Spaces like Dizengoff Square and Park HaMesila played host to picnics, gigs, screenings and talks. After the lockdowns, Israel led the vaccination race and before long locals were back sipping cappuccinos in cafes and doing yoga on the beach. In our poll, 81 percent of Tel Avivians said their city was ‘fun’ and 84 percent said they can ‘express themselves. Indeed, TLV is home to the region’s biggest Pride Parade, the widest choice of vegan options, and its nightlife always offers a real alternative. If only all cities had: Carmel Market, the pulsating heart of the city where locals sell spices, hummus, falafel and other fresh, organic produce – plus raise the odd glass of beer or arak too. We’re leading the way in lots of things: For the second year in a row, we were voted the funniest in the world, and were also most likely to be described as ‘good for people like me'. We came second in the ‘food and drink’ category, behind only Shanghai. —Dan Savery Raz

Just another cafe on the streets of Tel Avivtel a

Best Pride beach party and largest Pride parade in Asia (#7 largest in the world)

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