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This may come as a shock!

When all you hear about is extremism and conflict in Israel .... The Middle East's most welcoming cities for LGBTQIA goes to .... TEL AVIV!

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade

So often, people think of Israel and they think of conflict, religious extremes, "right and wrong" and the list goes on! Think again! Israel is the only country in the Middle East that not only "allows" a gay community but they are welcomed with open arms!

Israel is a place of "anything goes" Ultra-Orthodox Jews walk along the promenade with a bikini-clad girl, next to a gay couple, next to a religious Muslim family.

Another truth is that Israel has long been known as one of the Middle East’s most welcoming cities for LGBTQIA+ residents and visitors.

Tel Aviv always knows how to throw a party but they are quite famous for putting on one of the best, and largest, Pride celebrations in the world. Now that COVID restrictions have been lifted, Pride returns to Tel Aviv from June 8-12, 2022, with its annual parade on June 10th, which is slated to have more floats than ever before in its history. And note, Tel Aviv doesn't just do a Pride Parade, they do a Pride WEEK and welcome people from across the globe. It is a magical week to experience! I, personally, love hearing all of the languages and accents from around the world

Enjoy the scenes from previous years!

Come see the REAL Israel for yourself!

We don't create just tours ... We create Experiences

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