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Our 2022 Culinary Experience is booking! Don't miss out!

Experience Israel differently...

Street food and Chef experiences,

Fun dining and Fascinating discussions,

Wineries, Wandering, and Wonderment ...

This small-group, curated experience will have your 5 Senses® celebrating

Israel may be tiny, but it has one of the most robust, varied culinary scenes in the world. And there is a serious vibe that goes along with it!

Food will be the lens with which we learn about this beautiful, complex tapestry called Israel! Learn about the varied population, the myriad of cultural influences, the spices, delicacies and traditional hospitality. You will meet and eat with local chefs, local communities, street food vendors and so much more. All the while, hearing and sharing stories as we break bread together.

Of course, no culinary tour would be complete without the tastings of the ever-growing wine culture and prized wines coming from Israel's "Little Tuscany" region.

Please note:

  • Your space will only be held with a completed registration form

  • Maximum of 18 people in this group

  • Deposit is Required: The registration form requires credit card information and a commitment that when the minimum required # of travelers is achieved, the cards will automatically be charged.

  • The full cancellation policy will be provided with the Registration information

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions!

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