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Just returned from 12 days in Israel ... and this is what it looks like!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Sunset over the Old City, Jerusalem

Wishing everyone a year filled with health, safety and kindness to the world!

As with most places in the world, Israel is also struggling to find their way out of this pandemic. The difference between Israel and most other countries is that due to its tiny size and its dependence on tourism, the financial impact has been devastating!

Here it is in a nutshell ...

  • Israel is vaccinating people at record speed and will probably be the first country in the world to vaccinate a majority of its population.

  • Israel separates countries according to Green & Red zones (low risk and high risk countries) in an effort to have reciprocating travel destinations for Israelis and to bring in some type of tourism. Traveling to an from a green zone allows you to enter Israel, with proper healthy documentation, and without having to enter quarantine.

  • No one is allowed in from a red zone country unless you are an Israeli citizen and you must enter strict quarantine for 12 days (that would be me!). Strict means that you do not leave your home for any reason and no one may come into your home.

  • On a lighter note, the app for restaurant delivery is wildly impressive and deliveries are on time. Not to be minimized when facing multiple lockdowns and everyone has cooking fatigue!

  • Israelis are social animals and do not embrace the 6' social distancing rule ... a problem!

  • Which brings me back to #1 ... Thank goodness Israel is vaccinating at record speed in hopes of opening the country so that social distancing is no longer an issue and commerce and tourism can return sooner rather than later!

So with that said... stay healthy and well and let's hope for travel in 2021!

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