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It's time to head home ...

Fifty-four years Israel has been in my heart and my life. these last 2 weeks I have experienced an Israel that I never imagined.

Every day is a new story, a new person sharing their pain, a new request for help, a new stranger that instantly becomes a friend. Each evening our small group sat together or texted on our WhatsApp group, "What are we doing tomorrow?" "Who have we not helped?" "What is the weather like to know if it's inside or outside?" I imagine it's similar to an ER - triage of where to turn first. However, there is no end in sight ... as of now!

While most of our small group has returned home, a few of us are wrapping up our 2 weeks (while one more is staying on a few additional days). As we look back at miles and miles walked, 4:30 am wake-up calls to work the farms in the south, and visits to pharmacies to get cures for all of our colds and sicknesses we realize what a special, difficult, emotional journey it's been for us all. The fact that we had each other to share it with made it so very special.

A few last pictures and a special finale of cooking for soldiers.

I will simply say THANK YOU on behalf of Israel ... every word of support means the world to them.

Enjoying a Saturday walk along the beach. People are trying to feel a sense of "normal" during the most trying of times!

Everywhere you walk ... memorials

Stopping to enjoy the stunning sunset from our rooftop at the hostel!

Time to start the shopping for the bbq for the soldiers - first stop MEAT!

Into the factory ...

Let the cooking begin!

We have become professional salad choppers!

Nice to get to meet these guys, hear their stories and be able to say thank you!

A very special thank you from the guys to me and the other ladies for the support! We were all given sweatshirts to remember them and as a thank you!

We came together as strangers and left as friends!

Now a few pics of some of the amazing women who joined me on a leap of faith.

Forever grateful!

As always ... praying for peace!

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Bonnie Silverman
Bonnie Silverman
Jan 23

Thank you for bringing light to our brothers and sisters in the best way.


Jan 22


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