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It's the "HOW"

We can't claim exclusivity to the wonderful places that you will see with us, but we certainly can claim that the "HOW" you will experience it will be different!

THAT'S what the 5 Senses Tour® is all about!

Experiencing a memorial for 64 soldiers, with the Colonel that was in command that night ...

witnessing the dawn of a new day atop Masada

Jerusalem at night on bike?

and in the kitchens and homes of the locals!

$250 discount is still open until November 15th

Israel is the land of miracles, the land of "how-in-the-world is it functioning?" (which I say with love :-), the land of extremes, "anything-goes" and everything in between.

With the 5 Senses Tour®, we keep our groups small, our itineraries fresh and our experiences magical!

Enjoy your weekend and Cheers to traveling together!

Wendy & The 5 Senses® Team!

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