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Israel is opening (quickly)! Now what?

The world is watching as Israel is opening up, getting "back to life" and using all types of new technology to move things forward ... quickly!

So "now what?"

What does Israel look like today? As we all know, this is fluid situation and I can only speak about what it looks like now.

The virus is very much under control in Israel.

  • Schools have opened up

  • Beaches are open

  • Restaurants and cafes are opening

  • Public transportation is open

  • Social distancing and masks are still recommended and most people are following the protocol but it is not "required."

  • Sophisticated technology is being used for contact tracing to keep the numbers low and the tracking in real-time.

Travel and tourism?

  • Hotels are opening with new rules and regulations

  • Local travel of Israelis, within Israel, is the target market

  • Only Israeli citizens can enter the country and there is a 2 week, mandatory quarantine - very strictly controlled and watched

  • Israel is working on a travel bubble to help jump-start tourism and aviation. As of now (I know I use that term often!), they are talking to other countries that have the virus under control; Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Greece.

Bottom line for us? We're in a holding pattern and we feel very strongly that NOT being the first to jump back in is prudent for our travelers.

Our one and only focus is on you, our traveler, and the travel experience. It is NOT on our bottom line! We want to see a healthy track record, complete opening of all areas and populations that make our experiences so special and, of course, no more quarantines.

We know this will happen and we can't wait to welcome you at the airport in Israel! On a side note, just so you know that we haven't been slacking during this time, we've created some fun, new, magical experiences that we can't wait to share!

What about 2021 Tours?

Specific questions, thoughts for a new group? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to explore and have all of your questions answered!

Stay healthy, stay well and waiting to travel together soon!!!

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