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Clarifications ... thank you to those that asked!

1. Larry is with the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) not the UNHRC (UN Human Rights Council). As there are many extreme opinions regarding the UNHRC and I received questions ... just wanted to clarify!

2. Time: 1:00pm EST (sorry ... operator error!)

3. Yes, please send questions, topics of interest in advance. You will also be able to ask during the discussion since he will bring up many issues that I am sure will raise questions.

Rohingya Refugees

Join us for coffee and conversation with Larry Bottinick

1:00 PM EST (Senior Protection Officer, UNHCR Israel) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Larry's extensive career has taken him around the world to work with governments and non-governmental organizations to meet the increasing needs of refugees. Presently based in Israel (soon to be London), Larry has spent much of his career assisting governments in determining who is a refuge and providing protection, assistance and solutions for those who need international protection. Now with Covid 19, refugees in Israel and globally face heightened risk. Join us for casual conversation, offering an insider's knowledge and perspective of the issues surrounding these communities and the "host" countries with the added issues of today's situation. 

Bring your questions and feel free to share with friends and family!

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