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If you're interested in joining me to volunteer in Israel, please reach out to me directly

Thanks to all who have already contacted me! I have you on the list ...

If you are interested in joining, please send me an email.

I will be in touch via email with updated information.

This information will not be posted on the blog.

Answers to a few questions I received:

  • Yes, men are very welcome!

  • Yes, anyone is welcome - you do not have to be a past traveler with us!

  • This will be a small group of people

  • Please be sure you are physically able to work. I don't know the exact hours needed but it's important to be in good health.

  • We are looking at 2 weeks in January. If you can only come for 1 week, that is fine.

  • Everyone will be responsible for making their own air travel arrangements. At this time, ElAl is the only airline flying to Israel.

  • I will help arrange transportation and volunteer work

  • I will also organize clean, inexpensive places for lodging. You will either pay directly to the hotel or I will have my Israeli office send out bills to cover all expenses.

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