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  • Writer's pictureWendy Yaniv - Founder / Group Leader

Helping Ukrainians as we celebrate Passover & Easter this weekend

Wishing all who are celebrating a Happy & Meaningful Passover and Easter with friends, family, furry friends .... wherever you may be in the world!

On another note, as we celebrate our freedoms, I cannot help but think about what is happening in Ukraine! I know this will be a conversation at our Passover Seder and how to help the present-day escape to safety.

If you are interested in helping, I have included these links. The Charity Navigator is a wonderful resource to be sure that wherever you donate, you know your funds are being used appropriately. The World Kitchen is doing amazing work to make sure there is food for those within the war zone as well as those that have escaped.

Wishing everyone peace and a beautiful weekend!


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