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Heading back to volunteer ... Who would like to join me?

These amazing ladies (below) came with me last January to volunteer, met as "like-minded strangers" and left as friends!

While I never imagined the situation would continue as long as it has, that is the reality and I am heading back in December for 7-10 days and welcome anyone who would like to join me for the first time (or again).

Please Note: This is NOT an organized tour. I am simply offering the vehicle to make volunteering in Israel a bit less daunting than figuring it out on your own.

I will share where I am staying and everyone will book their rooms, flights, etc. People are welcome to join me in my volunteer activities or choose their own. I am happy to help anyone get situated in their volunteer focus. Our last group met for dinner most evenings, wandered Tel Aviv on our "rest" days, and had plenty of laughter throughout it all!

Please contact me directly if you are interested:

The details will be worked out as time gets closer.

Needs for volunteers change so flexibility is key.

Feel free to share this with friends or family (yes, men are welcome).

Specific dates TBD but sometime Dec 5th - 15th.

Helping the economy through a bit of retail therapy!

Gatherings on the rooftop - sharing stories!

Amazing volunteer who is a farmer in "real life" and she never stopped!

Long day of delivering items to special forces in the south!

All done and cleaned up after a day of cooking!

Truly "farm to table" - Tomato greenhouses and prepped for the next planting. Respect to farmers!!!

Cooking for whoever needs it!

Helping in a logistics center

Cooking for the troops

Enjoying some rest time (and beautiful weather) on the boardwalk in Tel Aviv

Stirring the pot :-)

And more chopping ...

Packing up the car to make deliveries

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