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Difficult decisions ... don't miss our final "open" tour offerings!

As with life, sometimes shifts happen when least expected! While we have decided to make this change due to "good problems," it's still a change.


Due to the significant increase in private group requests, we realize that we are unable to continue our "open tour" offerings. Unfortunately, we don't have enough months on the calendar to do them all! If you are waiting to travel with us ... we hope you can join us in October 2024!


  • There is still an opportunity to join one of our remaining "open" experiences:

    • Oct/Nov 2024 "Experience the Energy" (Israel/Jordan)

    • April/May 2025 "Experience the Soul of Israel"- see below **

  • The Oct/Nov experience will be open to ALL - women, solo travelers, and coed. We want to be able to include everyone that wants to travel with us!

  • While we will now be working primarily with groups that come to us with 8-10 people, it is often the case that these groups ask us to open the trip to others to join (to achieve a max of 16 travelers). We will continue doing this when requested

As a thank you for understanding (and an incentive to not wait :-), we are discounting the October/November experience by $200 for those that register before November 1, 2023.

This trip is a one-time experience, geared towards those that have traveled to Israel in the last 7-10 years. We hope to open registration sometime in November, possibly sooner. It will be on a first-come, first-served basis for registration (max 16-18 people) and a deposit will be required at the time of registration.


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