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Craziness this week ... but not for the reasons you think!

If there’s one thing to know about Israelis is that they have somewhat of a cynical sense of humor when it comes to dealing with the stresses of well .... living under stress!

So, certainly not to diminish the current political climate, but while people outside of Israel are concerned about a potential threat of war here, the people in Israel seem to have truly mastered the art of living in the moment! And, Israelis certainly know how to find humor in the least likely of situations.

This week, the concern was less about missiles and more about "Will my car still be where I parked it?" and "Why is there a raging river where there used to be a street?" From snow storms in the north to raging waters throughout the cities ... below is a little glimpse of this past week in Israel.

For now, the sun came out to welcome in a peaceful weekend! And the good news ...

Our March travelers will see Israel in all it‘s full glory with blooms and green covering the north with this record rainfall!

Israel breaks 50-year record for most rainfall in North, 76 years in South

Join us in 2020...

Experience the Energy - March 2020 closed

Experience the Energy - June 2-11, 2020 some spaces remain Experience Israel's Culinary Treasures - October 8-14, 2020 some spaces remain

Experience the Magic - Oct 27 - Nov 5, 2020 closed

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