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Cheers from the Golan and to the Golan!

This bit of beauty deserves a cheers! Sunset over vineyards in the Golan Heights, Israel. (No, I cannot take credit for this stunning photo!)

It's been too long since our last post! All for good reasons ... busy with our wonderful clients, creating new experiences, curating private experiences and already planning into 2024.

Women, we're almost there! We're working feverishly to get this out as soon as possible!

Our next "Experience the Energy" group is arriving in exactly 2 weeks! We'll certainly be sending "postcards from Israel" so you can vicariously travel with us! (It's not the same as being there ... just saying!)

So it's Friday and there's nothing like the feeling of Friday in Israel! Enjoy some beautiful scenes from around the country as the rush of shopping, beach, cafes and markets begin to wind down into the quiet and beauty of the Sabbath.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!


P.S. 2 spaces are available for our March 2023 "Experience the Energy" Israel/Jordan

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