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A note to our future travelers!

With the increased demand for travel to Israel, our tours are being booked very quickly by private groups. On the one hand, we are thrilled these groups of travelers are grabbing the opportunity to experience Israel with the 5 Senses® Tour! On the other hand, we hate the disappointment when people find out the groups are closed.

If you'd like to travel with us and have a group of people, please contact us so we can start working on a time and itinerary that suits your needs and interests! If you have a minimum of 6-8 people, we may be able to help you fill the trip with a few more travelers for cost purposes. We usually recommend a minimum of 10 people.

On a side note, creating a private tour does not increase the cost. It is all about the number of travelers in your group (we usually suggest a max of 16-18), the time of year, and the experiences.


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