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Share in the magic!

We bid farewell to the 60th birthday celebration in Israel! From the Syrian border to the Dead Sea, from TLV fashion to eats, eats and more eats!!! A special 10 days!

Now turning our attention to our 2019 "Experience the Energy"

A few spaces still remain! Contact us for details or visit our website:

The Bedouins read the land and are the best trackers... a disappearing art!

Early morning wakeup and hike to catch sunrise on Masada!

We had to work for our food this time! :-)

A little tasting a drinking (during the day) as we make our way through the market!

Our personal addition to "Path to Peace" mosaic!

Join us for our 2019 "Experience the Energy" Tour (Israel & Petra)

Interfaith / Coed (single travelers, group travelers, couples)

What to expect when you travel with The 5 Senses Tour?

1. An interfaith experience- I chose this type of experience because I believe this is the way to get to know this tiny, miraculous tapestry called Israel! The Jews, Christian, Druze, Muslims all contribute to the past and present, the flavors and sounds of the country. We all come from different backgrounds, upbringings and beliefs. An interfaith experience allows us to challenge ourselves, open our minds and learn from each other.

3. Female Only vs Coed: We have done and do female only groups. However, we have had so many of our female travelers say how much they enjoyed the coed that we are keeping our 2019 coed. We have a mix of the single travelers, women and couples. At the end of the day, it's a small group tour with a great vibe :-)

4. Experiencing the country vs touring the country! I am a firm believer that the way to "feel" the country is through it's people, food, beauty, passions and struggles. Oh ... did I mention a glass of wine every now and then? When I decided to start The 5 Senses Tour® it was with the idea that I wanted to create an experience like that of having family and friends coming to visit. It is still my passion, and honor each and every time I get to share this country and see it through the eyes of my travelers.

5. Yep! My tours change a bit each time. Anyone that knows me or has traveled with me knows I like new, different and I get bored fairly easily (haha) so I keep changing it up and I love adding surprises along the way! The itinerary is just the beginning!

Cheers to traveling the world!

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