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Just a few reasons why Israel should be on your list! You may be surprised ...

Our Druze Hostess preparing our lunch


1. Israel is the only country in the world that has religion as it's epicenter ... and then a whole lot surrounding it!

2. Deserts and the snow covered mountains (in winter) all within a day's drive.

3. Tel Aviv is voted one of the coolest cities in the world filled with art, culture, high-tech and world-renowned beaches! 24/7 vibe and safe to wander all hours of the day and night!

4. From the Bible to the Crusaders to the Ottoman Empire, from one of the oldest cities in the world to the newest, high-techiest (made-up word)! Israel is a tapestry of the old and new intertwined into the every day life.

5. A melting pot of faiths and ethnicities from around the world - offering some of the best culture, music, food, languages and beautiful people ... BEST people watching!

6. Food, Glorious Food! And Wine, Amazing Wine! Without a doubt, Israel is on the map as a destination for foodies and wine lovers alike! Not cheap but an amazing culinary experience from street food to fine dining (which you can enjoy in jeans or a dress ... anything goes!) Full disclosure: Israelis are tough customers so an "average" restaurant will not have a very long life span in this country!

7. Weather ... look it up! Only rains a few months in the winter and then it's sunny skies every day all day!

9. Nature? Extreme landscapes from one end of this tiny country to the other. The mountains in the north to the desert in the south, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea! Hiking, water sports, mountain biking, scuba diving ... it's all here!

10. Such varied people! Did you know that Israelis are Arabs, Jews, Christians and Druze? Each with their own history, language and culture. And yes ... they do live together!

11. This is where Jesus walked! It is the center of the 3 monotheistic religions. Whatever your religious perspective is, it's an experience to see religious Jews, Pilgrims walking the steps of Jesus, Muslim clerics and tattooed secular people all together in the Old City wandering the ancient cobblestone streets filled with religious history and significance!

12. It is an island of Coexistence! Yes, you read that correctly! No matter what is shown on the news, and despite struggles, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians, Jews, Muslims, Druze, Atheists and everything in between can live peacefully and practice their form of religion! Coexistence is part of life in Israel!

13. Only country in the world where Hebrew is spoken ... but so is every other language in the world. You walk down the street and you will hear at least 3-4 different languages on any given block.

14. Liberal Tel Aviv is the Gay Capital of the world! And very, very proud of it!!! f


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