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A week of retrospection and celebration!

Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Rememberance Day) is today. It begins a week of mourning, leading to the final day of celebration for Israel's 70th Birthday! The road to the big celebration is only reached after the days of remembrance - Holocaust Memorial and then Memorial Day.

No matter how many times I experience it, it touches me to the core. As I was driving to meet a friend, to celebrate her birthday, I am stopped at 10am sharp! Air raid siren sounds throughout the country and no matter what you are doing, where you are, you stop, stand and remember those 6 million. As one stands, in silence, alone yet together with the country, it is humbling to say the least. Reflection of the 6 million that were lost, aunts/ uncles/grandparents that were never met! It's also a time to reflect on the present - all that is happening in the world today. So Holocaust Remembrance day comes with a heavy heart but also an obligation - to live life, value life, celebrate happy occasions and to remember ...

Of all the things that we can be in this world, be kind!

A few photos from today at 10am in Israel ... standing for all of those that are not able to stand!


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