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Full Disclosure ... Shirked my duties!

2017 5 Senses Tour "Experience the Energy" is a wrap! With the best of intentions, I planned on blogging my way through but ... here it is after-the-fact. My blogging sessions took back seat to our evenings on balconies, rooftops and lobbies with good wine, great conversation, laughs and new friends! I am now on-task!

What a wonderful group it was! As one of our travelers said during our farewell dinner, "Cheers to a whole new group of friends!" We circled the country - north to south, crossed the border to Jordan into Petra and our final days in Jerusalem. Soaking in all the country has to offer - sights, sounds, beauty, culture, history, people, food, on and on!

We learned from each other, shared with each other and all became better and wiser for it! Love the Christians explaining to the Jews about the difference between a "Father" and a "Brother" of the Church as the Jews explain to the Christians about the "peyot" (sideburns) of the ultra orthodox and difference in the sects. THAT is the beauty of a non-religious, interfaith group! We took full advantage of it and everyone left with their eyes and hearts wide open!

Just a very few memories from our fabulous 10 days together!

Contact us if you'd like to experience the REAL Israel in small group style!

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