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Oh to be a dog in Tel Aviv!!!

You get to exercise with your friends every day!

You have your own stretch of the mediterranean

Everyone loves us!

Great views, vibes and there is no place we are not allowed!

Yep ... my own beach for me and my friends - water sand, balls, frisbees, shade, showers!

We can even go to the movies!

Tel Aviv's big dog festival and fun was had by all. However, dogs have fun 365 days a year in Israel. A few fun facts:

They are the most well-behaved "children" in the country :-)

There is no place that is off-limits to these furry friends!

Trainers are used by most people so the dogs are safe, city dogs -

Many are off leash but wait at the stop light until their owner says it's ok to cross

They hang at cafes and restaurants - on the floor, on a chair, wherever they want

Most grocery stores have water dishes outside for the dogs

It's a given that you grab a cab with your dog in hand

Barking dogs in apartment complexes are a non-issue

Doggy parks are EVERYWHERE!!!

Such a life! Oh to be a dog in Tel Aviv!!!

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