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It's a Wonder ...

From the shores of the Dead Sea - Israel Tourism

Yes, Israel is a wonder!

How it thrives ...

How it survives ...

How people can argue so passionately about politics one second and go have a beer together the next

How it's so safe yet all you see on TV is strife and struggle

How the arts and culture are always top of mind

How the LGBT community is most embraced yet the ultra religious (of all religions) are alive and well

How clothing can be so minimal (and sometimes even optional) walking along side the religious covered from head to toe

How Israelis are very particular they are about their food and how proud they are of their hummus!!!

How people will always continue to fight for peace no matter what

AND... here's one that always baffles me!!!

How they will not move an inch on the sidewalk to let you pass yet those same people will welcome a stranger into their home, drop everything to help someone on the street and will go to the end of the earth for a friend!

Yes, Israel is a wonder!

The people are a constant source of contradictions, always intriguing, most of the time loud but full of passion, love, and life!

Come explore for yourself!

"Experience the Energy" - Israel and Petra - Oct 2017

Contact us regarding limited availability

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