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The discount for"Experience Israel's Culinary Treasures" ends April 30th!

If you've been to Israel and want to keep experiencing it differently ...

this is for you!

If you've never been to Israel and want to experience the cultures and history through the tastes, sights and sounds ...

this is for you

(Don't miss the pictures below)

Some fun facts (and/or opinions :-) about why Israel's culinary scene is so vibrant ... and in no particular order!

Influence in Israeli cuisine is as diverse as its population:

From Amsterdam to Africa, from Budapest to Bagdad, from Cape Town to Capadoccia,

from Morocco to Madiera ... and all points in between. The spices,

traditions, foods and customs all create a tapestry of food and flavors

that is as rich in beauty as they are in flavor!

Israelis are tough customers ... and generally really good cooks!

When they eat out, they want something new, different, healthy and creative.

And they don't take anything less when it comes to fabulous dining!

The food needs to be great and the vibe needs to be even better!

Enjoying food with family and friends is an integral part of Israeli life and its an experience for ALL of the senses. You will never be rushed in a restaurant and the energy can be "felt." There's a reason why restaurants' closing time "is when the last person leaves!"

The rules are just different ... or maybe there are just no rules!

Don't be shocked if you go to a really nice restaurant, the waiter brings over

"shots on the house" and they join you! And then they keep joining you!!!

Don't overlook the street food!

Street food is THE food! You've got top chefs that have made their mark in the

competition of Israel's street food - everyone has their opinion of where to find the best falafel, hummus, shwarma, etc. And no one is willing to be swayed from their opinions!


The north of Israel is called Little Tuscany ... and for good reason!

The wine industry has been put on the map within the last several years and they

are doing some very creative blends, winning awards!

Last but not least ... Coffee, coffee everywhere!

Let's just say that you will wonder if ANYONE works in Israel since EVERYONE

is sitting at the cafes EVERYWHERE!!! Yes, it's awesome!

With around 360 days of sun a year, it's no wonder that life is lived outside in cafes and restaurants!



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