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  • Wendy Yaniv - Founder / Group Leader

Prayers and strength for our much-loved guide, Harrison!

With over 35 years of guiding, Harrison has touched more lives than we can count with his humor, knowledge, and wonderful disposition. He's also been a friend for over 40 years, my mentor in helping me launch the 5 Senses® tour, and my wonderful guide for so many groups over the past 13 years.

Now it's time to help him and I'm hoping we can touch his life as he has touched so many of ours! He is going through the biggest challenge of his life, having recently been diagnosed with a large mass in his lung. Wherever you are and however you may pray into the universe, please send special thoughts for him as he battles this tough road.

I know he will appreciate all you have to offer.

Please note: While I am sharing this news with his permission, please be understanding that he requests not to receive texts from everyone. As you can well imagine, he would be receiving 1000s from all of the travelers he has worked with. I am sharing all of the love, prayers, and caring that people are offering but request, on his behalf, not to send texts / whatsapp directly to him. Thank you for your kindness!

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