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Enjoying and navigating the re-boot of travel!

Enjoy some Friday vibes from Israel!

And yes, this may be the optimal luggage these days!

All joking aside, pack a carry-on, a big dose of patience, AND plenty of time!!!

Speaking of plenty of time"...

We've had so many requests to join our 2022 groups and, unfortunately, those are all booked! We are already booking for Oct 2023 and receiving requests through March 2024!!!

We do have 2 spaces that came available for March 2023 but we are completely booked for the remainder of 2022! Please contact us if you are interested

Taking it up a notch ...

Heading back in 2 weeks for more traveling as we check out new places, meet new vendors, and enjoy the touring!

Those that have traveled with me before know that I've got to keep shaking things up a bit to keep it fun, new, and interesting. Always looking to keep raising the bar!

Our next experience is in the works ...

Our forever treasured, GIRLS GOING TO ISRAEL will be Oct 2023 and we're definitely shaking this up ... A LOT!

The excitement and inquiries for this trip have been incredible.

Remember I mentioned the patience part? While we're working as quickly as we can to get the details worked out, it's all taking much longer as vendors are stretched to their limits.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and stay cool ... if you're sweltering in the US!

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