• Wendy Yaniv - Founder / Group Leader

A case of wanderlust ...

I admit it, wanderlust has taken hold of me and my guess is ... I am not alone!

A walk down memory lane and getting lost in nostalgia was just the answer!

And ... I figured out how to squeeze 11 years into 1.5 minutes of fun!

The music, by Idan Raichel, is titled "Soon I will return."

The first verse is very fitting. It's actually a love song but, at this point, we could certainly apply it to travel! Anything goes, right? We'll stick with the first verse for now ...

"Soon I will be back

To the quiet, to the light,

To the wind, to the water,

Soon I will be back

To the warmth after cold,

To the beach, to the skies."

Enjoy the scenery, smiles, memories and views!

Wishing everyone health and peace and waiting to see you in Israel!

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Wendy Yaniv

Founder / Leader

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